Awaiting an epiphany

Of all the traits attributed to the humans- the most over-rated one, I think- is the “self-realisation”. There is a constant struggle to define oneself and find meaning in one’s existence. No wonder we have founded great religions and struggle ever still to achieve the values they preach. Even when we have our “moment of revolution”, we find ourselves confined to yet another set of rules- only this time, we become the creator of those rules.

There is always a constant tussle between wanting to “fit-in” and trying to “get-out”. The sublime conversations of the consciousness wanting to constantly overpower the human desire. Perhaps that will always be the way of the world.

Truth is like that forbidden fruit. Desirable, yet devastating. I do not believe in promises, but I strive to be truthful. It keeps evading me somehow and hence, I have never been able to leave my Eden. This blog, is hence my attempt to freedom.

– Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya –

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